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To be the most trusted supplier of electro-acoustic products
We have more than 100 kind of ECM products with production capacity over 20M pcs/M. And for speaker and receiver, we have more than 50 models with production capacity 4M pcs/M.There are more than 20 kind of silicon mic and sensors with at least 5M pcs monthly capacity.10K class cleaning room, Danish B&K multi-analyzer and advanced test instruments do great benefit to product R&D and quality control.
Weifang Xingang Electronics Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing electro-acoustic products. For more than 10 years, we have engaged in R&D, manufacturing and service for ECM, speaker and receiver. In china, we are one of the enterprises that have advanced technology, top quality, large output and excellent service. Cooperating with international famous companies since 2006, we have successfully developed silicon microphone and transducer products based on MEMS technology, and got the patents of silicon microphones, which is widely accepted by our customers and also shows our leader-ship ability in MEMS manufacturing technology.
We take customers as our center and try our best to serve and maintain customers well.
Xingang’s products are widely used in lots of fields such as mobile phones, computers, earphones, AI, communications, game accessories and so on.
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  • 步步高
  • sony
  • 偉易達
  • 西門子
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Address:No.619,Beihai Road, Weifang, Shandong, China
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